Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sonya Dakar Drying Potion Review

From their site-
Recognized by many as 'Hollywood's secret weapon', this emergency solution helps treat and eliminate breakouts both above and below the skin's surface. Formulated with Dead Sea sulfur to reduce redness and puffiness; pure lavender and chamomile to calm breakouts, sage to disinfect and peppermint to stimulate blood circulation to promote speedy healing.

This is one product that everyone should have in their beauty repertoire! Like many of you, I've suffered from acne in my teen years, and I still get some break outs here and there nowadays. This is my go to pimple treatment and it works everytime! You simply dot it on top of your pimple and leave it on overnight. I've used it during the day too when I don't have to go outside of my apartment.

You get a tingly sensation when you put this on and most of the time, it gets rid of my pimple rid away. You should use this right when you feel like a pimple is coming on, that's when it works the best.  It doesn't smell terrible like most sulfur based treatment. I also love Bare Essentials pimple treatment powder, but that has such a distinct smell that it triggers my allergy sometimes.

If you're looking for a spot acne treatment, this is the best I've used and I will always have one in my bathroom. The only downside is you can only use this when you're not going out, unless you don't mind walking around with white dots on your face in public.

One thing I want to point out is if you're suffering from acne all over your face, you might want to invest in a moisturizer that treats acne. This is more of a spot treatment. 

Have you tried other acne products you like? If so, leave a comment or post on my facebook. 

Verdict: Buy it! 
Sonya Dakar Drying Potion $25
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