Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fresh Perfume Bar is back!

I have been waiting for them to come back for the longest time! The Pear Cassis scent is by far my favorite out of the bunch. Don't miss it this time!

Scents available include:
Cucumber Baie(crisp greens and sheer florals)
Patchouli Pure (woodsy with spice and warm undertones)
Pear Cassis (crisp fruity floral with green undertones)
Tobacco Caramel (sweet woodsy with honey)
Violet Moss (powdery floral with earthy armoise)

I love this!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fresh Rose Hydrating Face Serum

Fresh is one of my favorite brands of skincare products and I am loving the fact that they are expanding their Rose line of products! The Rose Mask is still one of the best masks I've used and the scent is delicate and true to the scent of a real rose.

I have been looking for a new hydrating serum to use and I might give this one a try.

From their site:
Rose Hydrating Face Serum with golden root extract instantly hydrates and boosts radiance to restore a youthful appearance to all skin types. It is scientifically proven to provide significant moisture and protect the skin from free radical damage. The lightweight blend is enriched with moisturizing and age-delay ingredients that absorb quickly for instant, long-lasting results.

-Proven to significantly moisturize the skin for up to 6 hours
-Proven to provide significant antioxidant protection from free radicals
-94% felt the serum gave their skin a soft sensation
-84% reported a smoother skin texture
-81% noticed hydrated, moisturized skin that was silky and velvety

•Rosewater helps to soothe and rose flower oil helps to nourish.
•Golden root extract provides antioxidant protection and helps preserve collagen,** boost the metabolism, and energize skin cells.
•Hibiscus flower acids help boost radiance.
•Evening primrose extract is known to boost collagen synthesis.**
•Hydropatches form a protective moisturizing veil to attract and retain moisture.
•Cucumber extract helps to calm and cool the skin.

Fresh Rose Hydrating Face Serum is $55

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eve Lom Cleanser

From their site:

Remarkable. Multi-purpose. Multi-award-winning. The original balm cleanser.

The EVE LOM Cleanser was described by Vogue as ‘probably the best cleanser in the world’ and is the foundation of our skincare regime. It changed the face of cleansing and continues to, everywhere in the world we launch, being expertly balanced for all skin types, skin concerns and environmental conditions. With its signature blend of four aromatic plant oils, specially woven 100% cotton Muslin Cloth and quick routine, the result is incredibly glowing, radiant skin with a smoother, more refined texture. The difference can be seen instantly and just keeps on improving with use.

  • Deep cleanses without drying or stripping the skin and removes even the most stubborn of waterproof make-up
  • Thorough cleansing and gentle exfoliation enables skin cells to regenerate quickly and provides a vital receptive base for beauty products to work at their best
  • Decongests and with the signature massage technique helps drain toxins
  • Exfoliates, tones, improves circulation when combined with the specially woven Muslin Cloth
  • Softens and conditions the skin
  • Visible benefits for all skin types

  • As much I love spending money on luxury products, it's hard for me to spend $135 on a cleanser. However, being called "the best cleanser in the world" by Vogue is definitely a very strong temptation.  The is the brand's star product and it is designed to be a makeup remover, skin-retexturizer, toner, exfoliant, and brightener all in one." I guess $135 is not that bad if it's 5 products in 1. I would love to test this out at some point.

    Have you tried it yet? If you have, I want to hear from you. You can buy it at SpaceNK or order from their site.

    Eve Lom Cleanser is $135
    Read more on their site: http://www.evelom.com/Cleanser-100ml/MEV0028_4599,en_GB,pd.html

    Friday, April 19, 2013

    Kate Somerville D-Scar Scar Diminishing Serum

    I had no idea how popular my scar post would be! Thank you all for all the emails and feedback. I just started trying a new scar treatment from Kate Somerville. If you have been reading my blog since the beginning, you'll know that ExfoliKate is one of my must haves and one of the very first products I reviewed. I might revisit that at one point to re-write a longer review. I didn't know my blog would be taking off the way it did when I  started. Thanks again for reading!!!

    Here's a breakdown of the product from their website-

    D-Scar Scar Diminishing Serum is designed to reduce the appearance of old and new scars and uneven texture. A powerful scar-fighting combination, this serum and rollerball applicator are designed to work together to flatten scars. With DS-7™, a microencapsulated Peptide essential to the skin renewal process, this formula encourages more normalized, smoother, softer skin. Erase time and celebrate smoother skin! 

    • DS-7, a microencapsulated Peptide, is essential to the skin renewal process. It encourages more normalized, smoother, softer skin. This unique “messenger” Peptide delivers a large amount of essential renewal information to cells.  DS-7 is protected within a patented microcapsule that is specially designed to work its way through the tight upper layers of skin to reach the spaces between the cells, in deeper epidermal layers. Once reaching the target site, the message “unlocks” and is able to tell cells when and how to renew properly, resulting in smoother, more even skin texture.
    • Botanical Extract helps even out the appearance of skin texture.
    Here's the link to the site: http://www.katesomerville.com/d-scar-scar-diminishing-serum/

    If you've tried it, please let me know!  

    It sounds very promising! I will come back to write a review of it! 

    Thursday, April 18, 2013

    Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale White Age Defying and Brightening Serum Review

    From their site: 
    With complete age-defying and complete brightening action, this serum delivers all its benefits directly to your skin. At the heart of its pure-white, silky soft formula lies the combination of two exclusive high-performance ingredients. 

    The Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract holds the secret of the orchid's longevity, with the ability to fight all the signs of skin ageing. A new White Orchid Extract provides powerful action at different stages of the process* involved in skin clarity and luminosity. Within moments, your skin appears radiantly youthful. Absolutely moisturized, it becomes firmer and smoother.

    Facial contours are re defined, wrinkles are visibly reduced, the skin's texture is refined. Evenly toned and freed of imperfections, your skin reveals a unique whiteness and translucency. It glows with a pure and visible radiance. For maximum effectiveness, use this serum in conjunction with your Orchidée Impériale cream.

    This is what it looks like in person. The bottle could've been flashier, but it is what it is! It's pretty heavy duty though. All glass!

    My Take:
    I purchased this as a Christmas present for myself last year. I wanted something that can brighten the skin as well as combat signs of aging and this fit the bill. I haven’t had the best results using products that claimed to brighten/whiten and reduce signs of aging, so I was skeptical about spending this much money on a product, however, I’ve had great experience using their AbeilleRoyale products, so I thought I'll give this a try. 

    It took me longer than usual to write this review, because I wasn’t sure if it was doing anything to my face at the beginning, but I didn’t want to rush to write a bad review about it either. Am I glad I waited, because I LOVE this product! 

    The serum has the perfect consistency, not too thick, not too fluid. It has a pearlescent look to the serum which reflects light when it’s on your face. It is one of the most hydrating “whitening” serums I’ve used. It sinks into the skin within seconds of applying and the smell is divine and airy. It feels soft and delicate on the skin. Face is never greasy or shining after this.  

    I have noticed an overall brightening effect to the face. The best way to describe it is a halo effect on your face. Your face looks like it’s lit up from within and everything looks and feels soft and smooth. More importantly, this didn’t irritate my skin like most whitening or strong anti-aging products would. It almost calms and balances my combination/sensitive skin, which is very rare.
    I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a solid anti-aging serum that also treat dark spots that can give you a glowing complexion! 

    Verdict: Buy it!
    Orchidee White Age Defying and Brightening Serum  is $460
    Read more from their site: http://www.guerlain.com/int/en/base.html#/en/home-soins/soin-catalogue/skincare-orchidee-imperiale-presentoir/orchidee-imperiale-white-age-defying-ser-10.html_call=1


    "The Great Gatsby" taking over Tiffany & Co in New York!

    How amazing is this?

    Big kudos to the marketing team behind the movie for this flawless perfection of a partnership! Apparently, Fitzgerald was a Tiffany's customer and costume designer Catherine Martin collaborated with Tiffany & Co for their new collection with window displays inspired by the film. Some of the iconic pieces from the movie, including the Daisy headband with the feathers and the hand pieces are all available for purchase!

    Can someone fly me to NY now for this??? Absolutely love it!

    Credit: Ricky Zehavi for Tiffany & Co.

    From Tiffany and Co.-
    Academy Award-winning costume and production designer of The Great Gatsby Catherine Martin and the film’s director, producer and co-writer Baz Luhrmann joined Tiffany & Co. to celebrate the debut of the World of Gatsby at our Fifth Avenue flagship store. Sparkling with jewels from The Great Gatsby Collection, this luxurious Jazz Age salon is currently on display on the fourth floor.

    Ricky Zehavi for Tiffany & Co.
    Ricky Zehavi for Tiffany & Co.

    An exclusive video by director Baz Luhrmann about the exquisite Tiffany jewels featured in his film "The Great Gatsby." Tiffany collaborated with the film's Oscar®-winning costume and production designer Catherine Martin on the bejeweled creations. "The Great Gatsby" in U.S. theaters May 10, 2013. © 2013 Warner Bros. Ent. Watch it! http://youtu.be/pazndIkw08E

    Link to their collection: http://www.tiffany.com/Shopping/Category.aspx?cid=2605758&mcat=148206&hppromo=THPC292

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    Wednesday, April 17, 2013

    I want to know! Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil

    Isn't the bottle pretty? I want this on my bathroom counter!

    I'm a big fan of oils. I tested this on the back of my hand last week at Sephora and I really liked it. It smelled very nice too. Has anyone tried it?

    Taken from their website-

    Tsubaki Beauty Oil
    An anti-aging botanical blend of cold-pressed Tsubaki Oil (Camellia Oil) and protein rich Wakame (Japanese Sea Kelp) , both of which provide serious protection against free radical damage. Hydrates and replenishes, leaving skin smoother, softer and more supple. Helps prevent premature signs of aging by defending the skin against free radical damage.

    Tsubaki Oil (Camellia Oil) firms, hydrates and protects against free radical damage.
    Wakame (Japanese Sea Kelp) replenishes essential proteins, and increases collagen production.
    Rice Bran Oil reduces dark spots and increases micro-circulation for soft, glowing skin.

    Wednesday, April 10, 2013

    My first time with micro-needle derma roller

    This pic is taken from the blog "Hyperbole and a Half"... check them out!

    So I tried the micro needle derma roller..... and this was how I felt during and after. The one I used was also the least painful one at 0.5mm. I might wait awhile before I attempt this again lol

    Tuesday, April 9, 2013

    Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter from Kiehl's Review

    From their site:
    Luxuriously Whipped. Sinfully Addictive.

    •Luxuriously scented cream – light on skin, yet rich in 24-hour hydration.
    •Decadently air-whipped for instant penetration to restore, protect, and soften skin.
    •Quickly absorbed to deliver deep moisturization and leave a light, addictive scent on skin.
    •No parabens, glycols or silicones.

    Most people are aware of Kiehl's. They have many lines of products this is one from the brand that I really love and would definitely recommend it. They also have this moisturizer in lotion form if you like that type of texture better, but please give this whipped body butter a try first!

    I fell in love with the texture and the light scent. It is very light and airy. The product absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving greasy residues or shine. Skin is hydrated and feeling soft all day. The scent is completely neutral. They have a partnership with Equinox Fitness Clubs and guys use this stuff in the locker room all the time. It's awesome! A very smart partnership to introduce the brand to the often neglected male demographic. Kudos to their marketing team!

    If you've been reading my blog, you'll notice I don't really review that many body products, because all you really need is a good body scrub and a body lotion. I haven't really noticed enough difference between brands to really dive into them. It simply comes down to preference of scents/fragrances when choosing a body moisturizer for most people.  

    I have to point out that people with the most beautiful skin on their bodies always tell me they use pure coconut oil for the body right after the shower and that's all they use. I haven't done it yet, because I am dreading the mess, but I think I should really consider doing that, since it's much cheaper than buying a brand name, 

    However, if you are looking for a body moisturizer, I will definitely give this a try!

    Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter is $38 for 8oz jar and $48 for 12 oz jar.
    Read more on their site: http://www.kiehls.com/Creme-de-Corps-Soy-Milk---Honey-Whipped-Body-Butter/915,default,pd.html?start=1&cgid=body-moisturizers

    Verdict: Get it!

    Thursday, April 4, 2013

    Scar treatment reviews- Bio Oil, ScarAway, Scarguard, Invicible, La mer Concentrate, Mederma

    My current batch of scar treatments

    I have been wanting to write a review on scar treatments for the longest time. For any of you guys out there living with a surgical scar, I'm with you! I've been carrying a very bad scar left behind by an incompetent surgeon whom will remain nameless for this post. My sutures were ripped opened during the healing process and the doctor neglected to look under my gauze so I ended up with a very deep scar that I thought was never going to heal.

    My dermatologist prescribed me something called Biafine that closed my wound within a day, since then, I've been on a quest to find the best scar treatment on the market to fix the look of my scar. It's been about 3.5 years and the scar is here, but I've tried many products on the market that I would love to share with my readers.

    Mederma is the number one recommended scar treatment by doctors, but for some reason, it didn't do anything for my scar. I think it's nice for non surgical scars like a cut or something, but not for deep scars. My dermatologist still recommends it, so who knows.

    The second thing I tried was Scarguard. It's like nail polish for scars. You brush it on your scar, wait for it to dry, then you peel it off at the end of the day. The description from their website is- Developed by a plastic surgeon, Scarguard MD’s® specially-designed technology combines multiple medically-proven treatments into one easy-to-use solution that has been clinically proven to help shrink and flatten scar tissue if it is raised or thickened. If used on newly forming scars, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Scarguard MD® helps decrease the amount of scar tissue that forms during the healing process.

    It did help with keeping my scar flat during the healing process (your wound has to be closed already), but it was kind of a hassle to brush it, wait for it to dry, and peeling it off later.. I used a full bottle and I would recommend it if you're looking for an alternative to Mederma. It is more expensive though.

    Third thing I tried was Invicible Scar Therapy. I don't think many people have heard about this product. It is on the pricier side, around $80. I have to say this is prob one of the best scar treatments I've used. I started using this and even my surgeon asked me what have I been using, because he didn't think my scar was going to improve and Invicible proved him wrong. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is looking to diminish the look of their scar. Must buy if you're dealing with deep surgical scars!!

    Many of you have asked, you can buy this here-  http://www.inviciblescars.com/ 

    The fourth thing I tried was La Mer Concentrate and I saw a difference within 2 days. It has the highest concentrate of the Miracle Broth that was developed to treat severe burns by the developer. It worked wonders on my scar. However, it is extremely pricy $390. I was desperate for improvement and this was definitely worth the price tag for the difference I saw in my scar. If you have the money, this is the one to go with.

    The fifth product I tried was ScarAway Serum. It's a 100% Silicone Gel. It comes in a pen form with massage balls. I liked it, but I'm not sure it made any changes.

    The sixth product I tried was ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets. I started combining the ScarAway serum with this, which they said it'll help the scar heal faster. I think I like the sheets better than the serum. I do see some redness after using it, so I have been hesitant about using this on  a daily basis.

    The final product I tried was Bio Oil. It is known to treat scars, discoloration, and stretch marks. I really liked this, mainly because it kept the scar hydrated. I'm not sure if it's changing anything, but at least I know my scar is absorbing this oil and staying hydrated when I apply this. I like this better than the ScarAway products.

    I used Sea Buckthorn oil for a little bit, but it's not really made to treat scars, so I only use it when I have nothing else to use. It is great for acne scars, because it gets rid of bacteria. Not so much for surgical scars.

    So there it is! I hope this brings some light to some of the scar treatments you have been looking at. Honestly, as time goes on, I've learned to live with the scar and accepting that it will always be part of me. So everything gets easier, but these are some of the products I've tried that I think can be beneficial to you. I think my top choice is Invicible in conjunction with La Mer Concentrate. Pass this knowledge along! I wish I had this info when I was looking!

    You can get most of the products here everywhere, the only one you have to order is Invicible, and you can order it from - http://www.inviciblescars.com/ . Must try if you're dealing with a scar. I have been using it since my surgery and still using it.

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    Wednesday, April 3, 2013

    Scar treatment review- InviCible, ScarAway, Bio Oil, La Mer Concentrate and Sea Buckthorn Oil all compared!

    Looking for a scar cream? Wait for my review first! I'm finally getting around to do a review on the most popular scar treatments on the market. These are the final selections I will be reviewing. Mederma is clearly missing, because it simply just didn't work that well compared to these. InviCible Advanced Scar Treatment, La Mer Concentrate, ScarAway, Sea Buckthorn Oil, and Bio Oil. Stay tuned!

    Tuesday, April 2, 2013

    Soleil de la Mer from La Mer

    Look no more, La Mer's got you "covered"! (pun intended).

    The upscale Crème de la Mer brand is set to bolster its portfolio with another pillar category, with the April launch of its new Soleil de la Mer sun collection. The line will be introduced this month to selected La Mer travel retail doors across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas

    The line will include the Reparative Face Sun Lotion SPF30, the Reparative Body Sun Lotion SPF30 and the Face and Body Gradual Tan.

    I know I will be getting the Face and Body Gradual Tan! How about you?