Monday, September 3, 2012

Complete La Mer Serum Rundown Review- Regenerating, Radiant, and Intensifier

The Regenerating Serum: 
Fortified with a high concentration of The Miracle Broth™, The Regenerating Ferment™ and The Marine Peptide Ferment, this active yet comforting skincare powerhouse helps complement skin's natural production of “youth proteins,” collagen and elastin. You will see a difference in a day as skin is rejuvenated on contact. Over time, the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores is diminished as a firmer, more lifted, beautifully ageless look is revealed.

This is my absolute favorite serum of all time. The difference is overnight. It also cleared my breakouts as well. This is one of the few products where I can see the difference in my face and I've recommended it to everyone and everyone had great results from it. It reduce the lines on your face and clear any imperfection.. It was very hard for me to find a serum that was both anti-aging and soothing to the skin so I don't breakout. After the first week of using this, my face was completely clear and dewy.

This is by far the best serum from La Mer. The texture is very milky and sinks into your skin right away. It's great for both day and night and it kind of creates a soft canvas for your lotion/cream. I've noticed when using this serum during the day, I don't get as shiny as if I were to use another serum. This is one product I will always recommend to anyone that is looking for something anti-aging where you can see the results.

So worth the money!

Regenerating Serum is $260

The Radiant Serum:
This ultralight gel serum boosts skin's ability to reflect light.

The Radiant Serum illuminates the complexion immediately on contact, awakening a brilliant new clarity. Targeted skin tone correctors dissolve the look of discoloration. Water borne anti-oxidants help skin remain looking more even and bright into the future.

La Mer's Radiant Waters smooth away dull surface cells that obscure light. Pores are purified and refined. Exclusive marine extracts firm and plump skin's appearance, breathing life into the complexion.

I've tried this serum many times. I like it, but I don't love it. The texture is kind of sticky and and it dries on your skin leaving a strange texture for your lotion/cream to go on. The main reason for my ambivalent feeling about this serum is the fact that I didn't notice any results from it. Originally, I thought I would like this more than the Regenerating Serum because this one is supposed to purify the pores and refine the skin and get rid of discoloration, but it didn't do any of that. Actually, the regenerating serum gets rid of breakouts more than this and does a better job at evening out the skin tone.

I really don't see a reason buying this over the Regenerating since they are the same price. I can see people using this for the day and the regenerating at night, otherwise, just use the regenerating.

Verdict: Try it
The Radiant Serum is $260

The Lifting Intensifier:
This targeted treatment utilizes a mesh-like matrix containing Blue Algae Lift Ferment™ and other key ingredients to help skin promote its natural collagen and elastin network where support is needed most. It instantly tightens skin's surface and works over time to "train" skin to sustain a smooth, resilient, more lifted appearance.

First off, I want you to know I don't have a lot of visible wrinkles that needs to be fixed other than expression lines, so I can't give you a feedback on if it actually lifts the skin. However, a friend of mine tried it and said she really likes it, but still prefers the Regenerating Serum.

The Lifting Intensifier used to be sold as a duo along with the Lifting Serum, but I guess with all the new serums that are obviously doing better, they got rid of the Lifting Serum and just kept this one. I don't really like the texture of this serum. It is very sticky and it leaves a sticky film on the skin and for some reason, I feel like my skin cannot breath under this serum. I also noticed I am more prone to breakout when I'm on this serum. So this is not exactly my favorite one.

As for lifting, I don't really feel it personally. I am not sure I will come back to this and invest the money when Regenerating Serum is far superior. Also, this is more of a targeted treatment than for the entire face....though I used it for my entire face!

Verdict: Try it...maybe. 
The Lifting Intensifier is $155

La Mer also came out with a Brightening Serum, which I've used and will write a review soon (don't buy it, it's not that good).

The La Mer Concentrate is amazing for scars. Way better than ScarsGuard and Merderma. It's great for the face, too, but for $400, i think you should just save that for scars.

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