Saturday, March 9, 2013

Organic Male OM4 Review

If you haven't heard of the brand, don't worry. I was not aware of the brand until few weeks ago myself. Organic Male is a complete organic skin care system for men that is organized into 4 fast and easy steps and color-coded by 4 different colors by skin type.

The products are currently only available at high-end spas, such as Four Seasons Spas and Equinox Spas.

I got to try out the Oily line, because the product specialist insisted that this was what's best fitted for my skin, even though I knew I should've gotten the Normal or Encore line. As expected, all the products in this line left my skin dehydrated and tight that it became uncomfortable. If you have combination skin, stay away from the Oily line, and go for either Normal or Encore.

The only product I liked was the Green Clay Clarifying Cleanser. It would be a good cleanser at night time, but definitely not for the morning unless you have really oily skin. 

I have some other samples from the line that I will try and see how I like them. I heard good things about their eye cream so I'm excited to try that out.  I also love the founder's approach to the brand, it's Eco-friendly and organic.

Here's the info from their site: 
The Oily Skin Collection derives essential active ingredients from botanicals that are easily detected in the air. Eucalyptus, lavender, willow and a host of highly effective ingredients, are meticulously formulated to address the unique issues associated with male oily skin. The Oily collection is designed to thoroughly cleanse, regulate oil production, deeply nourish, lightly moisturize and prevent sebum-related skin conditions.

Organic Male OM4 is a complete, type-specific, organic skin care system for men. 21 products address the needs of sensitive, oily, normal and dry male skin. Precise formulations of food grade natural, and whenever possible organic and biodynamic botanicals, yield OM4’s distinctive results. OM4 does not use harmful chemicals, parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, additives, and a less than 1% preservation system (as naturally occurring as possible) to ensure a minimum shelf life of 18 months. OM4 benchmarks against Whole Foods Premium Standards - list of acceptable ingredients. We do not test on animals. We are fair trade, eco-friendly and world conscious.

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