Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Skinfood Gold Caviar Toner

A toner that softens the skin texture with gold particles that can be seen with the naked eye and with the addition of Russian caviar, it provides moisture, nutrition and resilience to the skin.

Not many people in the US have heard of this brand, Skin Food is a popular Korean brand that's been around Asia for awhile. Skin Food has become a well-known cosmetic and skincare brand in many countries outside South Korea such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and many others. The appealing factor of Skin Food is the use of natural food and produce in its original form as ingredients in their products. In addition, the use of natural ingredients also plays a significant role in their success today. Their products range from makeup, skin care, body and hair products.

This review is for the Gold Caviar Toner. I haven't tried that many products from this brand, because I was getting them from Taiwan and being that I live in the US, it's not exactly convenient. However, they have opened a few stores in California in areas that have a higher Asian population.

I like the bottle for the toner, but I didn't like how it just had a plastic wrap on top of the lid you peel off like a vitamin bottle. It kind of cheapens the products for me. I wish it had a box, because the toner itself is beautiful to look at. You can actually see particles of gold floating around and they melt into your skin once you put it on.

It's more dense than your regular toner, it's almost like a serum. It's very hydrating to the skin and whenever I feel like my skin needs a deep hydration or whenever my skin feels sensitive, I use this. I think it's one of the better toners I've tired on the market. The only downside was I had to get it overseas. Although they did open a few stores in California, they are all 40 mins or more away from me. I'm not sure if I would make a trip just to buy a toner, but if I happen to pass through those areas, I would definitely stop by to get this. It is comparable to a lot of the high end toners I have tried and the thing I like about it the most is how soothing it feels on the skin. I really like that.

I do have the Gold Caviar Mask and Cream, which I will review in the future. For now, I just want to introduce this specialty brand from Korea that is definitely worth a try!

Verdict: Buy it! (if you can find it)
I don't know how much it cost in the US since I got it in Taiwan. I would say it'll prob be $30-40 range in the US. It's not a high end luxury brand, but a decent brand.  
Check out their website-- http://eng.theskinfood.com/

Update!!! - They have opened stores in the US! Go to their website to find a store closest to you.


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