Thursday, May 10, 2012

La Mer "The Essence" Facial at Hotel Bel-Air

This was at the entrance of the room

So I had the luxury of being invited by La Mer to try "The Essence" facial at Hotel Bel-Air yesterday and I absolutely LOVED it.

The Essence by La Mer is one of the world’s most expensive beauty products, priced at $2100. Its extraordinary packaging was designed by La Mer’s team, including Jesse Chertoff, design director, and Shane Butler, package designer.

The Essence contains magnetized tourmaline, which keeps its active ferments suspended. Magnets hidden inside the package keep the tourmaline’s ingredients magnetically charged.

The Essence is a milky texture, very much like the Regenerating Serum, and it feels like a mixture of The Concentrate and Regenerating Serum on the skin. It absorbs very quickly into the skin like most of La Mer Serums.

I literally had a halo glow effect to my face after the facial. The facialist applied the Cream on my face after the facial and normally it would've been too heavy during the day, but for some reason the combination of the Essence and the Cream provided the perfect balance for my skin.

Obviously for $2100, most people would just pay a visit to the dermatologist for injections, but for those that are looking for an alternative, you might want to give this a try.

"The Essence Facial" included-
  • Cleansing of the face with The La Mer Cleansing Foam and Tonic
  • Exfoliation by La Mer Refining Facial (which is basically a fine scrub, I will review it in the future) 
  • Massage with La Mer Cleansing Gel
  • La Mer Mist 
  • The Mask-- which is basically a heavy thick layer of Creme de La Mer for 10 mins
  • The Hydrating Infusion (Will Review in the future)
  • The Essence (LOVE!) as the serum 
  • Creme de La Mer as the finishing touch!
Then you leave feeling like a million bucks and glowing for the next few days!

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