Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Guerlain Abeille Royal Lotion Review $61

Born from the exceptional repairing power of bee products, this toner prepares the skin to optimize the firming, wrinkle correction action of Abeille Royale skin care.

As if stimulated from within, the skin is smoothed and firmed, glowing with a youthful radiance. Its fresh, delicately creamy texture leaves the skin soft and plump.

Continuing the trend of calling a toner "lotion", this "lotion" is actually a toner. I don't understand why they do this 'cause it can be confusing for people buying products on the internet and sometimes I don't even know a particular line has a "toner" until I see it in person. OK, that's my little rant, let's move on to the product itself.

This is probably my favorite toner at the moment right now. The texture is thicker than your usual liquid toner. I would say it's almost like a serum, but a little watery. The scent is very pleasing to the nose and very relaxing. It's sweet, but not overpowering. I wish they would come out with a body lotion with this scent.

There isn't a way of telling if it's a toner is good or not, so I always look at the ingredient list and see what the first 3 ingredients are. I remember this toner had Royal Jelly listed in the first few ingredients, meaning it's one of the most prominent ingredient in the toner. I've always been a fan of Royal Jelly. I take Royal Jelly supplements on a daily basis. It's great for anti-aging and overall health. It slows down the aging process.

This toner would be great for all types of skin. I have very sensitive skin and sometimes when I feel my skin is dehydrated, this toner soothes it. It also claims to have firming and wrinkle correction action, but honestly, I haven't really noticed that, but it is very soothing and hydrating, probably the richest toner I've ever tried. I also don't really think a toner should claim to have lifting or anti-aging benefits. Spend that money on a good night cream or serum, not on a toner.

The price point for this is not too bad for luxury brand toners,

Verdict: Buy it! 
Guerlain Abeille Royal Lotion is $61
Read more about it at- http://www.neimanmarcus.com/p/Guerlain-Abeille-Royal-Lotion-Skin-Care/prod139350093/

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