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Rice Dry Oil combines the regenerative benefits of rice bran oil with the restorative actions of jojoba oil to pick up where any cleansing ritual leaves off.

Key Ingredients:
- Antioxidant borage and grapeseed oils are immediately absorbed, imparting a silky finish and sensual sheen
- Anti-inflammatory arnica, ginseng and passionflower extracts warm muscles, perfect for a restorative massage
- The scent of toning camellia and grapefruit is deepened by luscious bourgeon de cassis, ripening into a fruity, earthy essence

I love Fresh as a brand and all their products. They are smell good enough to eat and this one is no exception. The scent for this dry oil is like a mix of white peach and sake. If you follow the brand, you would probably remember their "Memoirs of a Geisha" line, which is still my favorite line/scent from them. This is the closest to the Memoirs of a Geisha scent minus the peony.

Fresh has two body oils, one is rice, one is sugar. Always go for the rice one. The sugar one doesn't smell that great and I always feel like it's more of an afterthought to expand their Sugar Collection, which is their main collection. 

I thought the Rice Dry Oil was decent. It absorbs very quickly into the skin, but somehow my skin still feels kind of dry after, so I do apply lotion on top of this dry oil. A little tip for anyone that is thinking about buying this, it is best to apply it when your skin is still a little damp from the shower, otherwise it's kind of hard to rub this onto your skin.

I do think it's a little bit too pricey for the little bottle. I feel like I can finish the whole bottle in 2 months. The bottle itself is glass, which is always a plus as oils should always be stored in glass in my opinion.

I do love this oil, but then again if I were to use this everyday, it can get pretty expensive and I don't like the fact that I ended up having to apply more lotion on top of this. I think it's going to be one of those products I will buy and only use on special occasions. The scent is divine and if you don't want to wear perfume, you can pretty much just use this as a substitute.

Verdict: Try it!
Rice Dry Oil is $48
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