Monday, January 7, 2013

Bliss triple oxygen™ instant energizing mask review

Bliss triple oxygen™ instant energizing mask

From their site: A super quick fix for dull, tired and sallow, 'I'm sick of my skin' skin. Engineered to mimic the effects of our spa's famous Triple Oxygen Treatment Facial in seconds. This fabulous complexion formula uses every 'tech' in the book to give you fresher, younger-looking skin. 3.4 oz

•delivers oxygen to the skin with innovative Fluid02 technology
•lightens, and tightens the skin with the most active powerful form of Vitamin C available
•protects cells from free radical damage with powerful antioxidants

My take: 
It's always hard to review a mask, because you don't always see a difference immediately and most masks are just hydrating masks. I see masks more like a boost. It's great having a hydrating mask on at the end of the day to give your skin a little boost. I use one right after my shower when your pores are open from the steam in the shower and it would soak up anything you put on your face.  

OK, let's move on to the actual product. I bought it after reading all the great reviews and I thought the product fell short. I didn't see or feel a difference in my skin at all. It was fun to see the foam bubbles on your face but I didn't really notice a difference even after continued use. I gave it to my mom and she gave it back to me saying it didn't do anything for her and she ended up using it as a hand mask lol. 

So I really don't know what all the hypes are around this product. Maybe it'll be a different experience at the Bliss Spa. I do, however, like the triple oxygen energizing cream from the line. I will write a review on that down the line.  I think most people that have tried it and liked it are younger, maybe late teens to early 20's, but that's just my take!

If you like seeing bubbles and foam on your face, this can be a fun product for you, other than that, I am a bit hesitant to recommend it. 

Grade: C-
Bliss triple oxygen™ instant energizing mask is $54
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