Sunday, April 29, 2012


Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask with advanced antioxidants is a hydrating treatment that immediately reveals softer, firmer, healthier-looking skin. The innovative formula’s velvety whipped texture has an immediate cooling effect to refresh the skin and the senses.

Key ingredients:
-Black tea ferment is an advanced antioxidant that helps to defend against wrinkle-causing free radicals while softening, smoothing, and enhancing luster

-Lychee seed extract is known to boost collagen *

-Firming polysaccharides help to smooth the skin

-Jicima root juice is notable for its hydrating and nourishing properties

This is one of my favorite masks on the market. If you are like me, you probably wonder what exactly is the use of a mask that is not exfoliating or cleansing. I think this mask will give you the answer like it did for me. My skin feels calmer, smoother, and more even toned after using this mask. What I love the most about this mask is the tingling sensation you get after you wash it off. It's quite invigorating.

I've also tried their Rose Petal Mask and i think that one is good as well, but I didn't really see the difference with the Rose Mask other than the fact that it smelled amazing.

There are not that many masks on the market that I would recommend simply because I never really noticed a difference with them. However, this one is def a good one to try if you're into masks. Get it!

Grade: B+
Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask is $88
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