Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Caudalie Cleansing Water Review

A soap-free, three-in-one cleanser, makeup remover, and toner for face and eyes that's perfect for all skin types - even the most sensitive.

Gently, yet thoroughly cleanses and removes makeup. Micellar water captures dirt like tiny "dirt magnets" and sweeps it away without rubbing, while the soothing and hydrating active ingredients work to add radiance.

I have tried a few cleansing waters and none of which was worthy of a review, but I thought this one from Caudalie was pretty decent. Personally, I wouldn't use this as my main cleanser for morning or night. I tried using this in the morning but it didn't feel "clean" and I ended up having to wash my face again with another cleanser. I ended up using this right after the gym and it does a great job cleaning off my sweat and dirt I accumulate from the gym.

The one thing I don't like is the scent it leaves on your face. I am very sensitive to scents and it's a bit too strong and lingers for way too long. It smells kind of funny to me, which psychologically makes me feel like my face is still dirty.

I do think this is a great cleansing water to keep on the go or for times where you don't have time to wash your face completely. Just pour some on a cotton/silk pad and wipe your face with it.

Verdict: Try it
Caudalie Cleansing Water is $26  (the small one is $14)
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  1. I remember using this about 3-4 years back. The scent was too much for me too. It smells completely ill to me and it's so sad because I think it performs rather good. :(