Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Natura Bisse Inhibit-Dermafill $425.00

The description from their site- 
Say good-bye to needles—an antiaging alternative to all micro-injections like Botox and Restylane.

• An alternative to more invasive procedures.
• Relaxes muscle contractions and keeps expression lines from re-forming with a double dose of Octamioxyl™ at a 40% concentration.
• With Dermafill complex at 10% concentration, fills in and smoothes out wrinkles through a layering process that works from deepest to the most superficial layers of skin.
• One ounce.
About Natura Bisse:
In 1979, Natura Bisse founder Ricardo Fisas, along with wife Maria Gloria Verg?s, developed a skin-care line featuring natural free-form amino acids. Ever since its inception, Natura Biss? has been recognized for its innovative, luxurious treatments.
My Take: it true a treatment cream can perform as well as injections? Not really, but this is a pretty good product. It comes costly, but for those that are trying to stay away from injections, this is a great alternative. However, you have to use it EVERYDAY and stay on top of it to really see the results. It does fill in all the lines and smooth out the wrinkles, but if you already have very deep lines, this might not be able to do much for you. It can definitely prevent your skin from forming more lines. 

I do like most of Natura Bisse's products. They are a good brand to explore if you're not into La Mer or La Prairie. 

Read more on their site: 
Natura Bisse Inhibit-Dermafill is $425

Verdict: Get it!

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