Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Guerlain Orchidee White Age Defying and Brightening Serum

Merry Christmas everyone!!

I just splurged and bought this for myself for Christmas!!! I've been wanting to try this for the longest time. I can't wait to tell you guys how it is! Check back to this post for when I update it with the review!

Guerlain reveals the White Orchid extract, a unique and double-patented Guerlain technology, which is capable of offering global action on the skin's luminosity and various pigmentation phases.

  • The face contours seem re-sculpted, the skin texture is refined and wrinkles and fine lines are softened.
  • The complexion is gradually evened out, dark spots are lightened and imperfections are erased.
  • The smoothness of the skin texture is improved for better receptivity of the light.
  • Contrasts are balanced to correct dullness.
  • The skin glows with unique luminosity that seems to shine from deep within the epidermis.
  • The face is adorned with fresh, even, spectacular and dazzling radiance.
Guerlain 'Orchidée Impériale White' Serum is $460

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